Thin Black Leather Knot Belts

Muse Belts

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Decorative  1" black knotted dress belt by Muse of Peru
Thin Black Leather Knot Belts

Our favorite style of decorative belt here at Union Rose! Karl Muse designed these belts based on an old gift his father gave him as a child, and the result is a classic belt that requires no hardwear. 

1 inch wide. Made from high-quality vegetable tanned leather. These belts look great over dresses, tunics, and on any skirt or slack paired with a tucked in top. The "knot" also lies flat enough that it can be worn under looser tops, solving your problem of belt buckles pinching and wearing holes in your tops. 

Comes in the following sizes:
26-28, 28-30, 30-32, 32-34, 34-36, and 36-38. 

Sizing advice: measure where you want the belt to sit on your waist (generally the natural waist) with a tape measure. Don't use pants size, as they aren't reliable :) 

Made in Peru.

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