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Reply of the Cossacks Puzzle- 1000pc


This 1000 piece puzzle is based on a painting by Ilya Repin. Ilya Repin was a renowned Russian painter of the 19th century. Hi painting, Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV, depicts the Cossacks composing a reply to the Turkish Sultan in 1676.

The latter had written a demanding letter to the Cossacks bidding them to submit to his authority, and the Cossacks replied with their own -- a parody of the Sultan's letter. Repin captures the moment as the Cossacks gleefully suggest insults to include in the reply.

#Russianart #museumquality The puzzle box includes a high quality print, a zip-lock bag and Art & Fable's signature box top stand.

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