Sara M Lyons

Scratch-Off Oracle Cards 5 Packs - SERIES 2!


 Introducing Series 2 of Sara's super popular, best-selling scratch-off oracle cards! (Not familiar with these magical little 5-packs? Check out the original listing here!) They're the same tiny fortune-tellers and intention setters you love, with 18 all-new symbols delivering 18 all-new mystical messages - all of them affirming and designed to add a touch of inspiration to your day. These fun, whimsical mini oracles are a great impulse buy or gift item. Display them along the originals for maximum magic! Each pack contains five 2½” square scratch-off cards (a mix of a fortune teller and intention setter designs), tucked into a resealable holographic zip bag. Each card has a 1” round glitter scratch-off surface on the front, concealing your magical message, and a key deciphering all 18 potential outcomes on the back.

• Made in United States • Weight: 1 oz (27.2 

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