Rachel Beyer

Energy Cleanse Perfume - Citrus + Herb


This Plant Magic Perfume oil is infused with fluorite, blue kyanite and black tourmaline to clear the energy fields, aid communication and offer protection from negativity. Essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, sage and tea tree soothe and uplift the heart and cleanse the spirit. Blended in a base of soothing organic sunflower oil. A pinch of glitter dust gives this perfume a subtle sparkle. Apply to neck and wrists for personal ritual and aromatherapy benefit. External use only. Do not apply to sensitive areas.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Sunflower Oil, Essential Oil Blend (lemongrass, lavender, sage, tea tree), Organic Herbs (cornflower), Gemstones (fluorite, blue kyanite, black tourmaline), Ecofriendly Glitter Dust. 10 ml (0.33oz) glass bottle with stainless steel roller.

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