Handprinted Tea Towel - Flower Garden

Oh Little Rabbit

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Handprinted Tea Towel - Flower Garden
Handprinted Tea Towel - Flower Garden
Handprinted Tea Towel - Flower Garden

This tea towel features all our flower garden favorites! These classic flour sack towels are made from super soft and durable cotton that is sure to remind you of the towels that your Grandma always trusted in her kitchen. Thick, soft and hard working these towels will always have your back with any cooking or baking adventure. Oh Little Rabbit only uses the highest quality fabric inks that are sure to stand up to the everyday wear and tear of your kitchen. Whether drying dishes or just adding a touch of originality, this towel is sure to do the trick. 

The Low Down
100% Organic Cotton Flour Sack
WIDTH: 24" 
Printed with all natural Non-Toxic water based inks that are safe for you and the environment!
Machine Wash Warm Water (You can add a bit of bleach to your wash cycle if you would like. The ink will stay put!)
Tumble Dry 
Iron if Desired

This Towel would make a great gift or would be a wonderful addition to your own everyday hustle and bustle.

Each towel is individually unique and has been hand printed with love!

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