Miss Irene's Peaches Sugar Scrub Cubes

Black Kettle Soap and Sundries

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Miss Irene's Peach scented sugar scrub cubes

A sweet treat for your skin! Black Kettle Company's sugar scrub is cleverly shaped like oversized sugar cubes, but it's certainly better for you. Plus, it smells like peaches!

This sugar scrub features a custom scent that the Black Kettle Co. describes as "You will smell notes of a freshly bitten, juicy, ripe peach, picked right off the tree with a hint of peach stone". 

Just take a cube, add a little water and scrub away. Sugar scrubs are especially great for rough skin patches and areas that easily get dried out. The sugar exfoliates and the shea butter rehydrates. 

8 oz of sugar scrub, packaged in a charming mason jar. 

Made in New York.

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