Asymmetrical Pleated Sweater Dress

Lizz Basigner

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Asymmetrical Pleated Sweater Dress
Asymmetrical Pleated Sweater Dress

This lovely sweater knit dress is created out of 100% Organic sweater knit. It's adorned with decorative pleats which add a unique detail to this stunning dress. 

Lizz Basinger's designs are all about the details! This dress has a asymmetrical hem, lovely pleats that gently define the waist, and even curved cuffs. 

Machine washable. 

Made right here in Portland, Oregon!


Sizing Guide: (body measurements)

Extra Small: B- 31”-34” W- 22”-26” H-33”-36”
Small: B- 35”-38” W- 27”-30” H- 37”- 40”
Medium: B- 39”-42” W- 31”-34” H- 41”-44”
Large: B- 42"-46" W- 35"-38" H- 44"-46"
Extra Large: B- 46"-48" W- 38"-40" H- 46"-48"

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