Side "Mesh" Leggings in Dark Denim Color

NikiBiki Leggings and Camis

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Nikibiki vintage blue denim side mesh paneled leggings

We find Nikibiki's leggings are always reliably comfortable - and fun! - to wear. 

These leggings are the thinnest knits we've gotten yet from Nikibiki - and amazingly soft to the touch - so they work really nicely in place of tights. They have a faux mesh textured panel along the side. 

"One Size Fits Most" We find that Nikibiki's leggings really do fit most women size 0-12. Even customers through size 14-15 find them a good fit. The wide waistbands are secure, but still quite comfortable. 

Made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex. 

Made in the USA

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