Rita Hudson Apparel

The Cropped Pant in Rusted Linen Blend


These fun and easy to wear pants are perfect for summer and fall! Wear them now with a simple tank, and sandals for hot days, and into fall wear your sneakers and fun socks! 

Elastic waist, so if you gain or lose a few lbs it's not a problem. Shallow front pockets for your hands or chapstick - but not phone sized as that would drag the waist down, (designer pet peeve!) 

This pant has a bebe flare towards the hem- very subtle - just a little extra oomph! 

Made from OEKO-TEX certified fabric - which means no harmful chemicals were used in the fabric production and wastewater is appropriately processed. We're doing our best to only source more sustainable fabrics, and this is a staple fabric we think we'll be using a lot!  

55% Linen/ 43%Rayon /2% spandex for movement!

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