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Walking with Ramona: Exploring Beverly Cleary's Portland


 A walking tour of the real-life setting of the beloved children’s books

This unique travel guide explores the streets, schools, characters, and neighborhoods of author Beverly Cleary’s Portland. With this new and most unusual guidebook, readers can walk the very sidewalks that Beverly walked and climb the very school steps that Beverly climbed. You'll see the grocery parking lot where Ramona got stuck in the mud, the park lawn where Henry Huggins hunted nightcrawlers, and the real Portland street that became Klickitat Street, their fictional home. Beverly Cleary’s Portland was much different than the Portlandia of today. Walking with Ramona brings to life what 1920s and 1930s Portland was like for the “girl from Yamhill” who went on to become an internationally beloved author. Characters like Ramona and Beezus, Henry and Ribsy, and Ellen and Austine come to life on this hour-long walking route through the Northeast Portland neighborhood where Beverly grew up

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