Sea Buckthorn Oil Soap

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Sea Buckthorn Oil Soap
Beyond the beyond.

Sea buckthorn fruit and nut oils are enormously therapeutic both internally and externally. Used externally, these oils restore, revitalize, nourish and heal the skin. High in fat-soluble vitamins (A & E), omega-7 oil, carotene (as you can see by the color of these beauties) and nutrients (EFA's and phytosterols), sea buckthorn oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and helps to heal burns and eczema. Camamu's soap contains a luscious amount of both the fruit and nut oils and is silky smooth to the touch. Our essential oil blend of lavender, neroli, vetiver and balsam peru helps to rejuvenate dry and mature skin while supporting relaxation and relief of stress.

Don't miss this soap. It's the top tier of the top tier.

Made from olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm and sea buckthorn fruit &
nut oils; safflower petals. Available as 115g/4oz bar. 100% natural, gluten-free & vegan.