Mineral and Matter

Birthstone Ombré Stud Set


Add a touch of personalized sparkle to any ensemble with these stunning birthstone sets.

Each set includes a collection of four baguette earrings that are 18k gold plated with an anti-tarnish coating. 

With it's charming ombré effect, these sets seamlessly blend hues from light to dark, creating a captivating visual representation of your birthstone's color spectrum.

Earring sets come packaged on cards printed with traits associated with your birthstone/personality.

January - Garnet (Red)

February - Amethyst (Purple)

March - Aquamarine (Blue)

April - Diamond (Clear/Brown)

May - Emerald (Green)

June - Alexandrite (Purple)

July - Ruby (Red)

August - Peridot (Green)

September - Sapphire (Blue)

October - Pink Tourmaline (Pink)

November - Citrine (Yellow/Orange)

December - Topaz (Blue)

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